A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Bruce Ryans is a struggling actor who's had a rough go ever since he moved to Hollywood. But when Bruce has a chance to star in the brand newest Secret Quest movie, he knows that this is his chance. This is Bruce's big break, and he's sure as heck not going to squander it.

Star in three different movie genres as Bruce Ryans, playing star hero Secret Man. Fight your way through waves of enemies. Keep track of your excitement meter, which is constantly ticking down the longer you play, but raises when you kill an enemy. In short, keep doing exciting things to stay alive. Make the movie in one take, and become a star!

Three entirely different settings based off of popular movie genres: science fiction, western, and detective noir. Unique characters to outsmart and defeat exist in each one, followed by a boss battle of epic proportions that will have the audience roaring with applause!


PC_Build.zip 154 MB
LCA_Mac.zip 167 MB

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